Stay tuned! Our hologram experiences have thrilled audiences for over 2 decades.  DVE and its production partners are now creating the most amazing hologram shows ever conceived.

Just one of our exciting projects is a resurrection hologram of a famous entertainer the whole world knows.  This project will be on tour and in residency.  Press announcement coming soon.

DVE is now a joint venture partner in a global touring production of a top music act.  The tour will feature DVE Holographics on a scale never seen.  Press announcement coming soon.

DVE is the think tank that pioneered holographic broadcasting.  Our patented augmented reality effects combined with telepresence broadcast technology has beamed-in famous names in entertainment, business, and politics.

DVE is well versed in all high-end video capable networks to pull off any kind of event.  From singers in Los Angeles interacting as holograms in Las Vegas to CEOs teleported from HQ across the globe – we are the experts that invented holographic telepresence.

We partner with brilliant video effect animators that create visuals for the biggest shows in the world.  From eye popping EDM festivals to touring musical acts, our new holographic technologies and shows leave audiences awestruck.

DVE creates ultra-realistic live and recorded hologram acts on stage and massive 3D visual effect shows.  Our new tech creates glasses-free holograms that fill arena stages.  Our tech does not rely on the old peppers ghost illusion which is too bulky for the touring stage.  Our patented solutions have proved to be superior in every way.

DVE hologram touring systems leaves the stage completely open for the band, dancers, and performers.

DVE touring solutions are cost effective and rapidly deployed.

Las Vegas, Branson, Macau, and more, DVE Holographics has the right hologram solution for our production partner’s locations.  Our theater and lighting design specialists know how to make the most compelling show possible in your theater.  Residency theater technology installs offer great opportunities for highly specialized permanent video effect platforms.  This includes advanced display systems integrated into automated moveable rigging systems. We also enjoy the engineering challenge to make theaters rapidly transformable to offer different shows and events on the same day.  We do much more than a single hologram of a person on stage.  We create the entire visual experience ensuring the show is a huge box office success.

DVE is relied on by major production companies as vital partners in the creation process.  Holograms and visual effects are essential to the overall story. Productions are created for the capabilities of our patented visual effect technologies. We have contributed our skills to holographic music concerts, comedies, stage plays, live theater, touring, and numerous corporate events around the globe.  Contact us to help your production.

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