DVE is a think tank chartered to invent ways to entertain and connect people with each other.  Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience in holographic imaging and we know what works best for our clients. Our holographic solutions are expansive so we can give our clients a wide choice of options. DVE has the largest patent base in the world in holographic effects for the stage and for communications, including the newly launched 3D Light Mesh for the stage.

3D Light Mesh advances the art of theatrical projection with new ultra-bright projectors, inventive ways to conceal pass-through images, optical pathways that are more compact, and imaging hologram singers and entertainers on-stage with live performers and musicians.

3D Light Mesh overcomes all the drawbacks of the old Pepper’s Ghost illusion.  Old Pepper’s Ghost relies on angled plastic foil which is impractical on the stage, because of its massive bulk, complicated and time consuming set up, and physical barrier to audience.  DVE’s 3D Light Mesh resolves these problems and creates a new generation of stage hologram illusions.

DVE’s production partners rely on our consulting and royalty licensing for their productions. 3D Light Mesh, in all its variants and applications, are protected by US patents and pending patents internationally. Artist estates wanting digital resurrection shows, living artists, and production companies wanting recorded and live holograms engage DVE’s show royalty license and consulting design services for each show production.  It is vital this is done before a show is publicly launched.

Additionally, DVE production services include hologram show design, installation, and touring deployment. Call us today for more details.

3D Light Mesh has been licensed to our production partners for telepresence events and shows, including our portable Light Mesh solution – providing a complete turnkey solution. One of our licensees, the world’s largest consulting firm, connects via telepresence to client offices around the globe using our portable 3D Light Mesh solution.  In many instances, clients use their corporate telepresence network to create their hologram events.  DVE also provides full broadcast services, connecting event facilities around the globe at dozens of sites.  Dedicated terrestrial and satellite networks are used for highly specialized events, such as live global hologram concerts.

DVE has also patented 3D Light Mesh as a layered video effect platform.  For example, we created professor Stephen Hawking as a hologram on-stage with the coordinated video content behind him to augment the hologram.  The coordinated image may be 2D or any type of 3D hologram image.  We work with visual effects artists to tell impactful stories and communicate important ideas. Since 3D Light Mesh is transparent, video content behind the mesh is coordinated in a way to enhance the hologram in front.  Video show content and lighting design is critical to maximize these effects.  Our creative team are experts at telling compelling stories with layered 3D effect illusions.

Artist estates, production companies, theme parks, performing arts centers, and the like rely on us, because of our numerous proprietary options that best suits their hologram stage needs.  3D Light Mesh is a great advancement for holograms that use projectors.  Some applications cannot use a projector for a variety of reasons. In such case, DVE has solutions for a new class of hologram illusions that require no projectors.  Contact DVE for more information.

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