No matter the venue, the theater, the event space, the corporate meeting room, the theme park ride, or even the university classroom — we make magic in every environment.  Our mission is to amaze and inspire audiences. We place great attention to making a meaningful and memorable impact for our audiences.

From concept to show day, we work with our clients to ensure a successful event. Because we have numerous patented technologies, we offer the solutions that are ideally suited for the client application.  We want our clients to dream big. We are excited to engage in the creative process to fulfill that dream.

The DVE team has created dozens of major hologram shows which have been enjoyed by audiences around the globe. Most impressively, we pioneered holographic telepresence and a new generation of hologram technology, enabling experiences never thought possible before.  Now music artists can literally walk into their living rooms and perform live as holograms on one or more stages at the same time.  Telepresence broadcasting enables the performers to engage each audience uniquely so the experience is just like they were actually present. The opportunities for top musicians and promoters to increase revenue with more booked dates without the stress of touring are significant with DVE telepresence touring.

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Our team of theatrical technicians have delivered thousands of performances.  We consult with the client to design a system that can be positioned in seconds and then retract in seconds.  Our holographic scenery technology fills the entire stage so the increased creative options for producers and directors are revolutionary.  We also offer in-house staffing animators to assist our client’s production teams.  DVE understands that often fundraising is needed with major donors and we support that process with presentations and meetings. Our installed systems include licensing for holographic props and mixed reality incorporating live performers that is structured into the packaged agreement.

DVE has years of experience creating effects for theme parks, casinos, and entertainment complexes. Our new generation of illusion and holographic effects are just now being engaged by attraction designers. This new class of holographic imaging does not require 3D glasses so audiences can feel naturally a part of the virtual environment. Stereoscopic 3D versions are also available with passive and active glasses. Whether the attraction is a motion ride or a standard theater, we have technology to make your attraction a success. Note: we are far beyond the old days of Pepper’s Ghost and angled stretched foil plastic.  Our holographic scenery systems and holographic characters draw people in with true-to-life visuals and interaction.

Cruise ships are pushing the envelope in audio visual design and lighting for the stage.  Yet, costly deployments struggle to deliver the visual impact demanded by audiences.  DVE has the holographic solutions to give producers and directors the tools needed to create stunning shows.  Live acts, and holographic acts, combined with DVE’s holographic scenery systems create amazing shows that can be produced rapidly.

Our holographic solutions are a perfect choice to engage patrons at your museum.  Holograms hold people’s attention and becomes a major attraction at your museum.  One type and size of hologram technology does not fit all needs. Contact us and we will provide initial consulting to to get your project headed in the right direction with the right solution.

We are also experts in entertainment psychology and know the creative limitations of digital representations of historical figures. “Digital Resurrections” often fail because of the “ uncanny valley” of human perception and the lack of relatability of an animated character.  Our team knows how to solve these issues so characters are naturally relatable.

DVE Holo-Suites are ideal for environments hosting smaller audiences.  DVE Holo-Suites are custom built and configured for home theater, corporate meeting rooms, hotel business centers, cinema, specialty entertainment, theme park venues, to name a few.

DVE Holo-Suites are ideal for scientific visualization requiring very high resolution on a large scale display.  DVE has been instrumental in the design and deployment of massive resolution visualization displays used for viewing 3D models created by super computers.  As an example, we have built the visualization collaboration network deployed across the US National Labs.

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