Think Tank

DVE Holographics (Digital Video Enterprises, Inc.) is a think tank serving the US government, corporations, and institutions of higher learning.  Our team is thrilled with solving technical challenges that require a diverse set of skills. We have delivered amazing products, immersive environments, and core technology embedded in over 100 million consumer products.

Our launch team is an impressive group of innovators. The founders are the leading innovators in natural augmented reality (no head mounted display needed). DVE’s founders have also deployed a nationwide immersive communication system for the department of energy, connecting nuclear energy scientists across the US national labs, corporations, and universities.  Our team is made up of entrepreneurial executives in the fields of telecommunications, advertising, and entertainment. We have experts in social media development, hardware and software engineers, optical and mechanical engineers, animators, and video producers.

DVE clients span the globe throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Numerous Fortune 500 companies, well known business and entertainment personalities, and top executives use DVE’s solutions on a daily basis.