Patented Holographic Collaboration

DVE holds the landmark patent for live videocalls and interactive streaming to transparent LCDs. DVE’s CLEAR LCD is now available for rent and purchase. The experience works impressively well under normal room lighting. Portrait displays enabling standing life-size individuals create a compelling communication experience. Various models are custom built to order and designed to be stand alone or integrated into new and existing construction. Traditional conferencing systems power the video calls, as well as 4K broadcast interactive streaming.

The holographic effect of DVE’s CLEAR LCD appears as a solid 3D image. Combined with live interactive communications, customers, audiences, and employees fully engage with people from anywhere in the world.

The experience is so compelling that people will naturally be drawn to interact with the imaged person. The wide viewing angle permits large groups of people to gather around, improving the ROI in retail spaces. And one-on-one interactions are so engaging that selling is improved and direct customer services will leave lasting positive responses.

Empowering Customers

Compelling Products

DVE’s CLEAR LCD systems are used for:

  • Corporate Meeting Rooms
  • Corporate Event Stages
  • Entertainment Stages
  • Retail Environments
  • K – University Education
  • Government Communications
  • Work and Home Offices
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Point of Purchase End Points
  • FinTech / Banking
  • Telehealth
    …and more

Purchase and rental programs are now available. Let us help make your application a stunning success.

DVE offers compact studio pop-up kits so that the production side can quickly make a live call. The same studio enables recorded content to be accessed by the users of the CLEAR LCD system via a touch screen or an app on their phone.

Professional cameras, conferencing cameras, and mobile phones are used to produce the live call and recorded content.

DVE offers custom content creation for numerous vertical market applications, including 3D product shopping experiences. Every CLEAR LCD system has inputs for 3D model visualization from PCs for educational training and scientific visualization.

Live Productions

Engaging Features

DVE’s leadership in conferencing and display technology has resulted in many groundbreaking holographic solutions provided to the US government and Fortune 500 clients. DVE has secured the largest patent base in the world in numerous holographic communication technologies, including reflection, projection, transparent OLED, HDR holographic solutions, to name only a few.

DVE has an extensive patent portfolio for CLEAR LCD used in all forms of live communications. Beyond live communications, DVE has over 50 CLEAR LCD inventive features, either patented or pending with early priority filing dates.

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