DVE is the world leader in holographic telepresence and has been at the forefront of nearly every major innovation in augmented reality communications. DVE has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible.  We have been creating custom products and environments for our clients for nearly two decades.  We have a line of product solutions to meet every need. From the award winning DVE Immersion Room to the DVE Holo Podium, we have the right solution for you applications. Our products and environments are based on timeless minimalist aesthetic detail and customized for the client’s designed environments.  We work with world renown designers and craftsmen in high-end corporate furniture and with skilled firms in many fields of fabrication. Each install for us is a matter of pride and that is why our customer relationships continue for years.  Please contact us and let’s explore what product solution best fits your needs.

With the Immersion Room, HD images of participants appear in the actual 3-D physical space of an exquisite wood paneled executive meeting room. This ingenious system utilizes one very wide HD image and displays it in a way that presents an augmented reality holographic mage. The ultra-realism of the effect is shocking to most who first see and experience it. Their natural response…”Wow!”

The DVE Immersion Room™ demonstrates 3-D objects live, bringing them into a tele-immersive conference. Imagine discussing an important part of a presentation or training session and communicating this idea in 3-D form, floating in the physical space of the room, and transmitting the experience across the globe.  Contact us for more details and a live demo.

The DVE Holo-Suite is based on DVE’s new direct view holographic display technology. The DVE Holo-Suite is far improved over peppers ghost and transparent screens.  The super high- resolution image creates a detail never seen before in augmented reality and imaged people look as if they really are in the room.  Layered effect imaging and real tables placed in the holographic display area further aids in the realism.

  • Holographic Corporate Meetings
  • Holographic Scientific Visualization
  • Micro Cinema
  • Ultimate Home Theater
  • Business Meeting Centers
  • Ultimate Home Theater
  • Theme Park Attraction
  • And More

Major corporations rely on DVE for holographic meetings for team building. Connecting via hologram enables dispersed teams to build camaraderie and increase productivity. The DVE Holo-Suite is unique in that the experience enables people to share a virtual space and have the enjoyment of relating as if in the same location.  Life-size images of people walking around a massive holographic image area takes telepresence to a whole new level.  You can do as one of our client does – keep the Holo-Suites on all day so two locations are always connected – removing the formality of scheduling a meeting.

Careful attention has been given to the DVE Holo-Suite so that the image production is broadcast quality.  Camera placement is ideal for correct gaze and each room has lighting that supports the effect and illuminates people in the room.

DVE invented augmented reality telepresence. We know networks and compression technology.  Broadcasting telepresence requires extra attention in network and compression technology to ensure a natural interactive experience. Our clients demand only the best.  We have also developed broadcast holograms using the same video transport technology that connects broadcast facilities, such as sports arenas and live TV studios. The box was created so we could think outside of it.  That’s our DNA.

DVE’s Array Holo Room is a unique platform for multi-screen holographic telepresence.  Recently, the Array Holo Room was designed for a major a Hollywood studio to replace older generation videoconferencing rooms. Each holographic imaging plane can show two life-size people so the solution can be scaled to an array of many displays.  The rooms are retrofitted to support the illusion and to also provide sufficient light for image capture of the participants.  The camera is positioned for level eye alignment.  DVE Array Holo Rooms have been installed around the globe. Contact us for more details.

The DVE Holo Room is a single holo-plane display with incredible brightness and clarity. Multiple people standing and even seen next to 3D floating objects is a common application.  We also patented the unique camera system that is hidden from view, but captures a center screen perspective for eye contact.  The DVE Holo Room is ideal for classrooms and space where a few people are at one location and many at another location.  For example, a CEO has a home in Aspen Colorado and appears in his corporate meeting rooms as a hologram with his staff.  It sounds very sci fi, but is actually practical, affordable, and the most perfect natural way to communicate. We simply want people to forget about the technology and enjoy sharing the virtual space as if sharing the same physical space.

The DVE AR Podium series have been delivered around the globe for events, meeting rooms, and classrooms. The DVE AR Immersive Podium is a large format holographic display that enables multiple people to walk about as they communicate.  There is also enough image area to display augmented reality 3D objects.

The DVE Holo Podium is uniquely configured to enable anyone from their desktop to appear as a hologram at our podium.  Soft client video apps on a notebook can used as the total production side studio – it’s that simple!  Leaders of industry, teachers, and subject matter experts appear on the DVE Holo Podium from anywhere.  The experience is compelling, highly engaging, and enables more natural communication than traditional videoconferencing.

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